About The Butterfly Field
Ellen and Tom Luper

My gardening career began when I was five years old alongside my grandmother who taught me the secrets of developing a green thumb.  It is why I grew up wanting to just garden all the time.  I got my wish after several careers and met a man that designed The Butterfly Field. 


It was his dream and vision that embraced me and so we continued to add to the gardens together for six short years.  It took 2 of those years to build the Italian fountain.  He lost his life in 2012 and his vision became mine. 

I married again 5 years later and continued with Tom to enter into the wedding business.  So many visitors and friends who come for the first time will always say” you should have weddings here”  and I say yes we are having weddings here.   


Everyone that takes a walk around the gardens, or climb to the top of the Belvedere or just sit in the walled fountain area will talk about where they would have their ceremony and where to take the perfect pictures. 

(Left Photo): Proprietor Ellen Luper and her husband Tom

Virginia Weddings

It is such a joy to welcome new brides and grooms here and know that they too are smiling and laughing just as I did at my own wedding here in The Butterfly Field.  We love sharing the joy that we have every day here with new couples

Some of Our Favorite Photos