• The Butterfly Field

Welcome to The Butterfly Field

They say that good things come to those who wait and now the wait is over. The Butterfly Field has officially been in business for several years now and that doesn’t mean the changes on it stop. Much construction, painting, planting and creating new beautiful areas for the perfect pictures of your ceremony and reception have been created. Of course it is ongoing since we are mostly an outdoor venue. Yes, the weeds keep growing!

Tom and I welcome you to come with your partner and family members, especially the mother of the bride who is one of the most important persons in planning a beautiful affair. We love seeing the expressions on faces when people first arrive and see the gardens, fountain and Belvedere. It is always such a joy and a real compliment to us that it makes everyone happy to see our venue. I don’t know about most people, but I would rather be outside working, playing, planting making visual changes constantly.

If you love the outdoors, being in a beautiful surrounding with many blooming plants and flowers, or sitting near the splashing water of the fountain and having a glass of wine, then you should pick up your phone and make time to visit us and take a tour. Tom and I are ready and waiting to plan your beautiful wedding!